David Sahl

DAVID SAHL was educated in Boston’s public schools, went to Wentworth Institute and graduated with an associate degree in Civil and Highway engineering. He worked for Boston’s D.P.W. for a year as a surveyor, then in civil and highway design. After two years, he realized he hated the very idea of engineering.  He returned to school at Boston State College and graduated with a degree in education. He taught school for 33 years until he realized that he hated the very idea of education.  He retired.  He has worked as a bartender, a short order cook, an answer man in a large box home improvement store,, a draftsman, a floor associate in an outdoor apparel store, a laborer, a mason’s assistant – never a mason - and other things he doesn’t want to talk about.  He was married for 12 years until he realized that he hated the very idea of marriage.  Got divorced, but that changed and, since then, he has been happily married to Mrs.#2 for 28 years– no small miracle.  He has 2 kids.  He has studied at various writers’ conferences for years and writes daily.
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