Dr Gregory Pell

Dr Gregory Pell is a professor in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Hofstra University where he teaches courses on language, cinema, literature, and translation theory. His critical articles examine such poets as Dante, Paolo Ruffilli, Mario Luzi, Davide Rondoni, Tommaso Lisa, Mario Tobino and Eugenio Montale, the latter of which is the subject of his full-length monograph: Eugenio Montale: Memorial Space, Poetic Time (Troubador 2005). On cinema, he has published pieces on Mihaileanu, Benigni, Kore-Eda, Sergio Rubini, Vicenzo Marra, Mohsen Melliti, Paolo Sorrentino and Matteo Garrone. He is co-editor of the volume At Whom are We Laughing?: Humor in Romance Language Literatures (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013). His latest monograph, Davide Rondoni: Art in the Movement of Creation (FDU Press, 2017), explores the ‘non-ekphrastic’ relationship between art and poetry in the works of Davide Rondoni, John Ashbery, Charles Wright, Mario Luzi, Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Patrizia Fazzi et al.  His on-going research projects focus on Vitaliano Trevisan and the Northeast, the prose and poetry of Goffredo Parise. Currently, he is translating into English the complete works of Neapolitan novelist Angelo Cannavacciuolo.
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