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Gerður Kristný

Gerður Kristný (b. 1970) is among the leading contemporary Icelandic writers, accolated with numerous awards for her non-fictional work as well as her children books, novels and poetry. For the past two decades, she has produced a vast oeuvre, ranging from journalistic works on various subjects to six volumes of poetry, for which she is best known internationally.  She received the Icelandic Literature Awards and was nominated for the prestigious Nordic Council Awards in 2010 for Blóðhófnir (Bloodhoof), her modern take on the ancient Nordic myth, told primarily in the Eddic poem Skírnismál. Gerður Kristný’s poetry has been translated into about thirty languages and she has participated in numerous festivals and residencies, such as IWP in Iowa, USA, and the Ingmar Bergman residency on Fåro Island in Sweden.
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