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Hakim Raquib

Hakim Raquib for the past 45 years has been photographing his community of Roxbury, Massachusetts and the world. Over the years, he has captured the ever-changing landscape of his community. He says” the influx of new immigrants, and gentrification has created a change in the social, political and cultural aspect of American life, and it has expanded my vision of the world”. Raquib largest body of work, “The Caribbean Art Festival,” spans over 35 years.

Raquib work is in collections at: The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of the National Center for African American Artists, The De Cordova Museum, LEF Foundation, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, The International Center for Photography, Polaroid Foundation and Partners Health Care. Raquib’s art is in several private collections throughout the United Sates and has exhibited internationally as well.

Raquib has received several citations from the City of Boston, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for his work with youths and his artistic achievements.

In 2017, Raquib received The Boston Foundation’s “The Brother Thomas Fellowship” for artistic excellence. Currently, he is an artist in residence at “African American Master Artists in Residence Program,” where he has been developing his skills in digital art medium. In 2015, Raquib was commissioned by Cyber Art, Inc “Art on the Marquee” at the Boston Convention site to create an 80 foot Public Art work titled “Adrift.” Raquib continues to mentor, exhibit, and share his experiences and skills with young aspiring artists.

I believe art has answers to questions yet to be asked.”

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