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Ingunn Snædal

Ingunn Snædal (b. 1971) Has published five books of poetry in Iceland since 1995.  She won the Tómas Guðmundsson Literature Prize, in 2006 and was nominated for The Icelandic Literature Prize for her collection: Guðlausir menn - hugleiðingar um jökulvatn og ást (Godless Men - Thoughts About Glacial Water and Love).  Ingunn's poetry has also been published in collections both in Iceland and abroad, among them are:  Wortlaut Island: Isländische Gegenwartsliteratur in Germany and Pilot: Debutantologi in Norway, and Beneath the Ice: An Anthology of Contemporary Icelandic Poetry in the US. She has received rave reviews for her poetry in Iceland: “…The very fine balance of humor and sorrow that Ingunn captures in her poems is especially powerful and makes it easy for the reader to walk into the world she creates…” (Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir, 2009)
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