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Janice A. Lowe

JANICE A. LOWE, composer and poet is the author of Leaving Cle poems of nomadic dispersal and Swam. Lowe is the composer of Desegregation Remix: 3 Women Sing the Borders, a collaboration with Lee Ann Brown. Her musical theater compositions include Somewhere in Texas, Lil Budda, and Sit-In at the Five & Dime. Lowe composed the score for The McKoy Sisters’ Syncopated Sonnets in Song, a song cycle based on Tyehimba Jess’ OLIO. She has composed music for numerous plays including Liza Jessie Peterson’s Chiron’s Homegurl Healer Howls and 12th and Clairmount by Jenni Lamb. A recent Creative Capital Awardee, she has received fellowships from the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, UPENN and The Rauschenberg Foundation. A co-founder of The Dark Room Collective, Lowe performs with her band Janice Lowe & Namaroon. 

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