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Justyna Bargielska

Justyna Bargielska (born 1977) – a poet and a prose writer. Her first book Dating sessions came out in 2003. Her second book China Shipping came out in 2005. Her third book Dwa fiaty (2009) was awarded Gdynia prize. She is a recipient of numerous literary awards, including Rilke and Bieriezin award. In 2010 she published her first prose work Obsoletki, for which she received Gdynia Award in 2011 among other awards. In 2012 she published Bach for my baby, which was nominated for many prestigious awards. In 2013 her novel Małe lisy came out and in 2014 her poems Nudelman.  Her latest book of poems, Dziecko z darów (2019) was also nominated for prestigious awards. Her works were translated into English, Russian, German, French, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Dutch, and Islandic. She lives in Warsaw.
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