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Miriam Drev

Miriam Drev is a poet and translator from English and German as well as a literary critic and publicist born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She graduated from the University of Ljubljana with degrees in comparative literature and English. She spent seven years in Vienna where her children's book Šviga does Wee-Wee (1995) and most of her first book of poems Time's Square (2002) were written. Her other poetry collections include Births (2007), Water Line (2008) and In the Kitchen a Cherry Tree Would Grow (2012). In 2017, her fifth book of poems Tirso was published. In addition, Drev has written two novels: In the Gilded City (2012) and Restless (2014). Her poems have been translated into English (Voices of Slovene Poetry3), Italian, German, Polish, Czech, French and Croatian and published in several anthologies of Slovene poetry as well as in literary magazines abroad. In 2014 and 2016 she was among the nominees for the literary award »Mira«, PEN. She has translated more than 90 volumes ... among those works by Philip Roth, Margaret Atwood, R. W. Emerson, Maxine Hong Kingston, E. Hemingway, Ian McEwan and others.
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