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Norman MacAfee

Though mainly a writer, I also make visual art. My ink and color drawings have been published in Jacket2, Hanging Loose, Scene4, The Penn Gazette, Journal of Poetics Research, Rouge, and Alligatorzine. My books include three poetry books: One Class: Selected Poems 1965 to 2008, The Coming of Fascism to America, and A New Requiem; the libretto of The Death of the Forest: Opera by Norman MacAfee to Music of Charles Ives; The Gospel According to RFK: Why It Matters Now, the only book devoted to the 1968 presidential campaign speeches of Senator Robert F. Kennedy; translations of Pier Paolo Pasolini: Poems, made with Luciano Martinengo; and three books translated with Lee Fahnestock: the first complete modern edition of Les Misérables, the official tie-in edition to the musical; and the letters of Jean-Paul Sartre to Simone de Beauvoir in two volumes: Witness to My Life and Quiet Moments in a War. Luciano and I recently finished a book-length translation of the poetry of Piera Oppezzo (1934 to 2009), To Set to Music with Laughter the Menace. I recently completed writing a book of poems, Humanity at the Crossroads: Homage to Diego Rivera. I live in Greenwich Village with Dr. Miguel Cervantes-Cervantes, a biochemist and plant physiologist. Miguel has been a great help in handling many technical aspects of Gloucester’s Eyes.
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