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Omid Fallahazad

Omid Fallahazad is an Iranian-American bilingual fiction writer. His controversial 2016 novel in Farsi, Gahvareye Div (NaaKojaa, Paris), centers on house-burning riots against Baha’is in Shiraz on the eve of the 1979 revolution. His other books in Farsi include a collection of short stories, Se Tir-baran Dar Se Dastan (H&S Media, 2016), and a best-selling young-adult novella, Razi (Madreseh, 2001). His 2019 well-received Vartgez (Mehri Publication, London), a book of three dark humor tales about a middle-aged Armenian-Iranian bachelor living in Massachusetts, has been followed in 2022 by a novella sequel, Vartgez in L.A. (Mehri Publication.) Omid’s English stories have appeared in literary journals and anthologies such as Glimmer Train, Paul Revere’s Horse, World Literature Today, Tremors: New Fiction by Iranian Americans Writers, My Shadow is My Skin, and Toasted Cheese. Omid lives near Boston, Massachusetts.
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