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Suzanne Opton

Suzanne Opton is the recipient of a 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship. Her soldier portraits, icons of the aftermath of the current wars, have been presented as billboards in eight American cities, and have sparked a passionate debate about issues of art and soldiering. The conversation continues on the blog at SoldiersFace.net Suzanne's work lives on the edge between documentary and conceptual. She often asks a simple performance from her subjects as a means of illustrating their circumstances. Her photographs are included in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum, Cleveland Museum, Dancing Bear collection, the International Center of Photography, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Library of Congress, Musee de l’Eysee, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Nelson-Atkins Museum, and Portland Art Museum. She has received grants from the NEA, NYFA, and Vermont Council on the Arts. Suzanne lives in New York and Vermont. Her books include Soldier/Many Wars, Loose Change and the latest, Into The Light Cellar, available on her website, September 2021.
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