Announcing our new Solstice Blog

We’re delighted to initiate our new blog on writing and literature and our culture!

  1. Lee Hope on

    The name of a character that is the same as your name is perfectly fine for our contest.
    Please feel free to submit. The editors

  2. Myron on

    Hi My name is Myron,

    I’m a fiction writer that is currently writing a fantasy novel. I also started my own blog that focuses on sharing, improving, and creating fictional pieces. It is also a book club of sorts. I analyze books over the span of a month in order to help writers improve the critical reading skills. When will the new blog be open?

    Also I have a question about your contest. It says that the author’s name can’t be in the manuscript. Well what if the author’s first name is the name of the main character? Is it okay to have the first name in the piece? The name plays a significant role in the short story.

    Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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