(cited in BAE 2015, 2016, 2020, 2022); PUSHCART poetry finalist

pandemic blossoms

I am one of many entrepreneurs who watched an invisible nemesis whisk away current and potential business as the coronavirus moved across the map. Add to that the disappearance of funds from my retirement portfolio. One morning, I woke with tears in my eyes that led to a good sob before I began my daily AM meditation and prayer. Settling into my quiet space not only allowed me to calm the pandemic chatter in my head, it also cleared my mind for a flow of positive thought and direction. I’d been watching and participating in what people were doing to help others during the crisis and pondering over what I could do to contribute to the well-being of others worldwide as we stayed #togetherathome. A long time supporter of organizations that address hunger, my first thought was to volunteer to put together bags of nourishment for children. Unfortunately, last year I was struck by a medical condition that temporarily compromised my lungs. Though I’m completely healthy, have been for over nine months, and because daily information on how we contract the virus was changing, coming in contact with others, even with protection, was risky. What about posting an online video guiding viewers through mindfulness exercises? “I could,” I considered, then released the thought. Mornings later I was deleting photographs from my phone. I saw a glimmer of an idea, filed it in my head and closed my eyes to begin meditating; there before me was the answer. I love taking picture of flowers. A sense of exhilaration fills my soul when I capture a bloom that gives me pause when I download it to view and immediately feel that I must to share it with friends and family! By evening, I had created a website and an Instagram page @ablossomaday2020. Each morning, I replace the previous day’s photo with a new floral image on the website; all photos from the website appear on the @ablossomaday2020 ‘gram page. Many of us will experience moments during this crisis when we will break down; it’s happened to me, to close friends, and to people who post on my social media platforms.

Rather than fight the feelings, we need to just go with the emotions in an effort to potentially avoid a bigger, perhaps more devastating outburst at a later time. Many of us are compelled to do something to ensure the well being of others. At first I thought that sharing a gorgeous photograph wasn’t enough, that people might consider this a trivial gesture, not care about or even look at the pictures because they have other things to deal with along with more “meaningful” support. I had to let that go. My intention when thinking about then deciding to share my artistic gifts for a good purpose was only to do something good…period. While I do hope that folks will follow and share, what I didn’t hope for is the beautiful diversion, from coronavirus events of the moment, afforded me as I look through thousands of floral pictures to determine which image to use each day. Seeing certain flowers takes me back to places, some near where I live that I can’t wait to visit once physical distancing is no longer de rigueur. Knowing that the selected blossom will be on view for whomever stops on the page is a welcome reprieve from the business of the day, both personal and global, and for this, I am grateful.

Tina Scott Lassiter, MBA is an accomplished collage artist/photographer, author, speaker, and holistic health practitioner and consultant. Her collage art and photographs have been featured in several national publications; her book,”morsels of peeps…mindful musings, inspirational thoughts, quiet images” includes a selection of her black and white photographs. She is a former Adjunct Instructor at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts and former Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at LaGuardia Community College; served as Director of Creative & Therapeutic Arts at Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC; and is certified in several holistic/mind body disciplines.


  1. Amy Yelin


  2. Amy Yelin

    Lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Naina Williams

    Your lovely images have been so inpiring during these otherwise seemingly dark moments. The news and realities of the world at large appear bleak at times…but your blooms serve as a reminder that hope and beauty are always in our midst . Thank you for sharing your talents and making these trying times a littel brighter! XO

  4. Arlene

    Superb idea….flowers make us happy and give us hope‼️

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