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Announcing Richard Hoffman’s newly released poetry collection: “It should be noted that NOON UNTIL NIGHT is not a book about noon until evening. Yet the darkness that night suggests has its rays of hope in it, as Hoffman artfully meditates on how we live and, without sentimentality, manage to go on.”—Stephen Dunn

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Wind in the Cave, a new poetry collection by James B. Nicola, has been released by Finishing Line Press. Many of Nicola’s pieces are narrative while others are metaphysical or metaphorical. Stylistically they range from free verse to formal.

Author Tom Benz won the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award from Snake Nation Press for his collection of short stories.

Lovely, a new poetry collection by​ Lesléa Newman, was released by Headmistress Press on January 2, 2018. Lovely is an eclectic poetry collection that takes the reader on a journey as the speaker of the poems travels from childhood to adulthood.