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Elegant Grieving:  A Review of <em>Tom O’ Vietnam</em> by Baron Wormser

Elegant Grieving: A Review of Tom O’ Vietnam by Baron Wormser

By Richard Cambridge   

Tom O’ Vietnam by Baron Wormser: New Rivers Press (Moorhead, MN, 2017), 154 pages Have I ever stepped into a character so effortlessly? Lived and moved in one so intimately? Is there a greater gift of art than empathy? Meet Tom, Baron Wormser’s creation, a reluctant soldier shattered and grieving over the child he killed

Lovely by Lesléa Newman

By Jennifer Martelli   

As I read Lesléa Newman’s latest collection, Lovely, I thought of a line from “Celestial Bodies,” one of my favorite Louise Glück poems

<em>Before There Was Before</em> by Wendy Drexler

Before There Was Before by Wendy Drexler

By Colleen DeCourcy   

As I mature and traverse the challenges of adult life, I find myself reliving the times before. Before grief and loss, before responsibility or illness.

<em>Floating Tales</em> by Jeff Friedman

Floating Tales by Jeff Friedman

By Kali Lightfoot   

Reading the collection Floating Tales, Jeff Friedman’s seventh book, is indeed an experience of floating, a curious feeling of being in suspension, moving weightless from one tale to the next.