Submissions are closed from June 1 – September 1, 2021.
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There are currently no open categories.

We welcome experimental or traditional pieces of fiction, nonfiction or poetry, graphic lit, and also photography.

Nonfiction for us includes the essay as well as memoir.  We also consider excerpts from novels or nonfiction books, especially if the piece can stand alone.
Controversial topics are fine with us. We would be most pleased to publish your piece.
But we do have high standards. All pieces will go to readers, then to the appropriate editor, then to the editorial board. No one editor’s taste will determine which piece is accepted but rather a consensus will be reached.

SOLSTICE is a tri-quarterly magazine. We hope to respond to your submission within approximately two to four months.  Sometimes it takes us a little longer, depending on when the last issue was published.  We accept only online submissions to our hybrid print and online journal.


When you submit your piece, we do require that you fill in our info form and include a short bio.

With your subscription info, you will be entered into our database and receive updates and info on our contests and other events. Should you wish to “unsubscribe,” simply send us an email.

Your name, telephone number and email address should be typed at the top of the first page of your piece.  Also, in order to file your submission, we must ask you to copy and paste your bio onto the first page of your piece.   We cannot process your piece without the bio copied at the top of the first page.

We do not accept multiple submissions, so please send us only one piece at a time. We do accept simultaneous submissions, which means you can submit to other magazines at the same time, but please let us know right away if your piece has been accepted elsewhere by sending an email with the title of your piece to and withdrawing your submission through Submittable.  We will respond within 4 to 6 months.

We only accept unpublished work, unless solicited. One we have published your work, you are free to send it elsewhere. We hold first-and one-time rights only, although we reserve the right to post your work in our Archives. We might request selected pieces for future anthologies. You reserve the right to decline our offer.
While we do not pay for individual pieces, we do promote selected work on our Facebook page and elsewhere, and we also sponsor an annual contest which offers cash prizes.  (We also will provide complimentary sidebar ads for future books by authors who have published with us!  And we will announce their new books in our new Announcements section on our Home Page. )

We’ve kept our submission guidelines to a minimum because we want to encourage you to submit your best work. We are looking for established and also new voices. Out of the collision of diverse voices can come dialogue, and maybe a hint of unity, and maybe even peace, a solstice of the mind.