Elizabeth Searle

Elizabeth Searle is the author of five books of fiction and the co-author of a Feature Film screenplay, I’ll Show You Mine, which is in post-production and is forthcoming in 2022 from Duplass Brothers Productions. Elizabeth's most recent novel, We Got Him, was a finalist for the Midwest Book Award and was released in AudioBook. Elizabeth is the librettist of Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera, which has drawn major media coverage, and which has been widely produced. Elizabeth's previous books include A Four-Sided Bed, a novel nominated for an ALA Book Award, and My Body to You, which won the Iowa Short Fiction Prize. Her books Celebrities in Disgrace and A Four-Sided Bed are the basis of short films which have screened widely at festivals. Elizabeth's film scripts have won multiple awards and her theater works have been featured on CBS, CNN, NPR, the AP and more. This story is from a new collection she has just completed. Visit: www.elizabethsearle.net
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