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Winter 2023 Print Issue

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Winter 2022 Print Issue


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Solstice Literary Magazine Fall 2020 Print Issue

Fall/Winter 2020 Print Issue

For twelve years, our magazine has merged literary excellence and cultural relevance. We have celebrated the diversity of religions, races, socioeconomic classes, genders, sexual orientations, and national origins. We publish writers, photographers, and graphic lit artists from those on the margins to established voices.
This issue appears in the time of a pandemic. Also, it’s the time of the winter solstice, a transitional period of regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. As this country enters a new phase, let’s be renewed through the arts.

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Fall 2019 Print Issue

Fall 2019 Print Issue

Solstice’s Fall 2019 issue showcases an array of voices from around the world from writers including Alison Hawthorn, Dilruba Ahmed, Robert Lopez, David Mura, Emma Bolden, Wandeka Gayle, and more.

Having gathered perspectives in nonfiction, poetry, poetry in translation, fiction, and book reviews, Solstice’s editors have continued to celebrate and amplify diversity in all forms through writing.
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Fall 2018 Print Issue

Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices, an award-winning publication, celebrates our tenth anniversary. Our vision is to promote diversity in socioeconomic class, race, gender, nationality, age, and religion. In this inaugural print issue, Nonfiction Editor Richard Hoffman has assembled a collection of incisive writers, such as Richard Blanco, Hafez Lakhani, and Mimi Schwartz. Guest Poetry Editor Stephen Dunn presents an inspired collection of brilliant poets, among them Billy Collins, Gregory Djankian, Carol Frost, Alicia Ostriker, and D. Nurske. And Fiction Editor Lee Hope has brought together such distinguished authors as James Anderson, Marjan Kamali, Roland Merullo, and José Skinner.

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Our second print anthology brings readers some of the top writing published in Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices in the last two years of our eight years of publication online. Our award winning Nonfiction (A Best of the Net Award and Notable Essays cited in The Best American Essays 2015 & 2016) focuses on immigration and shifting identities. Our Poetry ranges from Fred Marchant’s “The Migrants” to Meena Alexander’s “Little Burnt Holes” to Martha Collins’ “Exit/Exeunt.” We also offer poems in translation from Vietnamese, Romanian, and other languages. Our Fiction features eclectic styles: Laurie Foos’ magical realism, Valerie Miner’s suspenseful storytelling, and a historical novel excerpt by Kim McLarin. This fine collection reflects diversity in its multifaceted forms and constitutes a tribute to the human spirit.

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 SolLit Selects: Five Years of Diverse Voices

Our inaugural print anthology brings readers some of the top writing published in Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices during its first five years online. Lovers of short stories will find a wide range of styles to admire—from Helen Elaine Lee’s lyrical depiction of love in prison, to Jose Skinner’s magical realism, to David Huddle’s realism, and three stylistically inventive short shorts. Poetry includes Stephen Dunn’s doubletake in “The Undercover Man,”along with the lyricism of Major Jackson’s take on African Americans, and Diane Glancy’s lyrical take on Native Americans—plus important work by seventeen other American poets. And, as nonfiction editor Richard Hoffman writes, the “true” pieces in this anthology by authors Michael Steinberg, Jabari Asim, Michelle Cacho-Negrete, Sven Birkerts, Millicent Monks, and Mary Collins reflect “the struggle to come to terms with life in order to better connect to the experience of others.”

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SolsticeLit Books is a new digital series of novellas, connected short stories and nonfiction published by the Solstice Institute, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit and sponsor of Solstice:  A Magazine of Diverse Voices.

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“A hauntingly beautiful new voice in American literature.”
—Ariel Gore, author of End of Eve

Sad Girls & Other Stories

Sad Girls

By Margaret Elysia Garcia

Sad Girls & Other Stories explores the world of chicanas, their families and their friends, as they come of age near Freeway 605 in a dystopian Los Angeles.

“Garcia’s bittersweet, roaming-girl stories remind us of all the aching beauty living beyond Los Angeles and along the California coast.”
— Pam Ward, author of Want Some, Get Some

“Sad Girls is about resilience born of suffering…. Margaret Elysia Garcia will wreck you and repair you.”
— Jenny Forrester of the Portland, Oregon-based Unchaste Readers series

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Margaret Elysia Garcia

 Margaret Elysia Garcia lives in the northern Sierra Nevadas with her family in exile from her Los Angeles roots. A contributing editor for Hip Mama Magazine, she also writes a comic zine called “The Adventures of Sadgirl the Superheroine,” illustrated by her daughter, Paloma. In 2014, she wrote, co-directed and co-produced the play “Before You Barefoot: A Dark Comedy of Revenge.” She is also a DJ, radio host and director of the “Listen to Your Mother” show in Plumas County, California.


The Message

The Message

By Eugenio Volpe

Eugenio Volpe’s first eBook, The Message, is a potent view of Afghanistan soldier Adam Zane’s internal unraveling. Returning home to what he sees as the nothingness of Hartford, CT, Zane divides his time between shooting hoops at the local basketball court and camouflaging the self-loathing that now occupies his inner landscape. If someone would shut down the winning streak of hometown traitor and pro basketball superstar Elijah Adams, aka The Message . . . If Zane can find the real trigger of his mounting anxiety and imagined physical descent . . . If his alcoholic mother can stay away from meth and her meth-head boyfriend . . . If he can find the Persian words to label ordinary things with exotic new names . . . If the ifs would stand at ease long enough for him to see what it means to be a man, Zane might find reprieve from the rapidly expanding emptiness. The Message is a pin-pulled grenade clutched in the hands of readers.

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Boston native Eugenio Volpe is a PEN Discovery Award winner and Pushcart nominee. He teaches creative writing at Arizona State University’s Piper Studio. His short stories have appeared in publications such as SalamanderNew York TyrantPost RoadSolstice Literary Magazine, and dozens more.

Everything She knows by mike Miner

Everything She Knows

Linked stories by Mike Miner

Casey Jones Flanagan:  A force of nature; a tsunami;  an earthquake; a volcanic eruption.  Everything She Knows chronicles her complicated, tragic-comic coming of age and her father’s travails. The characters in these stories are haunted by the mistakes they’ve made and by what they have lost, but the Flanagan family learns to savor the moments they have with each other.  Sometimes pain is the price of survival.

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Mike Miner lives and writes in Connecticut.  He is the author of Prodigal Sons (Full Dark City Press) and The Immortal Game (Gutter Books). His stories can be found in the anthologies, Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT and Pulp Ink 2 as well as in places like All Due Respect, Burnt Bridge, Narrative, PANK, Solstice and others.