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Solstice Literary Magazine is a compilation of stories, ideas, and experiences of community members from all over. The magazine is a space that allows for people to write freely and purposefully, nurturing meaningful interaction and conversation among topics of diversity and social justice.

We value diverse voices and perspectives that examine the full spectrum of human experiences, amplify marginalized perspectives, and explore what it means to have a more compassionate and equitable society as we move into our future. Please visit our “Features” page for guidelines.

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Solstice Literary Magazine is proud to have published Baron Wormser’s essay Hannah Arendt in New York,” which is included  in The Best American Essays 2018! This essay exemplifies our ten-year commitment to promoting diversity in its many forms in literature and photography.

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Food Writing in Quarantine

By Margo Gabriel

The pancetta crackles in the pan as I dice shallots. This dish won’t taste nearly as delicious as it would if I enjoyed it alfresco at MIDA, one of my favorite Italian eateries in Boston’s South End. On this night of quarantine, I settle for a homemade version of carbonara and a glass of wine.… Read more »

Coronavirus as Depression

By Melissa Jenks

An article came out recently exploring the idea that some people, during the coronavirus, especially those consistently and chronically afflicted with anxiety and depression, have had their illness lift during the crisis. The author explored several theories as to why, including the concept that the worst has already happened, so what else is there to… Read more »

Writing as Nourishment

By Caitlin T.D. Robinson

In the age of the coronavirus, fear, sadness, and suffering prevail. Unemployment, illness, and death are just some of the trials we face in this global pandemic. Amidst these difficult times, flowers bloom and humans find new ways to connect. A great deal of tenderness and meaning can be experienced when we look for it. … Read more »