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The Graveyard Legend

Dust on my Whitman. A list of
achievements for my weekend
shipwreck. We got you.
Your Life: The Popular Guide to Desirable Living.
Illustrated lectures in the art
of human relations. Social moochers
snacking on the big fish.
The wayward mail order sweetheart.
Neither does he. More noise, confusion, radio
static. First aid and your best chance
undermined by a cold snap.
Begging on behalf of the less
fortunate is still soliciting.
An handsome churchgoer began
to apologize. This feeling can be
broken. Confidence is practical. What’s
gotten into him? Manage your mind
with a specific program. The point
of the story was to ensure
discipline. Can he even remember
all of this titles? Save your money. New Jersey
druggists who sew in their spare time.
Although not exhaustive, it is nevertheless
representative and illuminating. Thumbing through
the catalog. Soft answers. Mention
of benefits to a formula. Differing widely.
Make a list of the errors you’ve
made. Your happiness put to
rest. Frightful regimentation. Everybody knows
I’ve grown older. Lethargy, this betrayal
of what you really wanted. Vacuous fantasy, hypothetical
abilities, why people lie to themselves
to keep going. The development
of characters, my animal brethren chest
bumping. Shrewd principles. Intuition
in remission. It’s a zone two wound.
Looking forward to that in-flight movie.
You called this all along. Elegant
in pinstripes. When the smoke clears
a close up dissolve to a soft focus.




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