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Ion Monoran

(1953 – 1993) Born in Petroman Village, Timis, Romania, Ion Monoran was a poet and publisher. His first poems were published in 1976 in Forum studenţesc magazine. He lectured at the Pavel Dan literary circle of the Student Culture House in Timisoara and collaborated and published with Orizont, Amfiteatru, Echinox, Luceafărul literary journals. None of his books were published during his lifetime. Monoran was an icon of Timişoara's bohemian artists and became a cultural hero after the revolution. His prizes include the Orizont magazine Poetry prize (1987), "Nichita Stănescu" prize for Contemporary Poetry (1987), the prize for Literary Creation (Satu Mare, 1987) and the Literary Union Debut Prize. For his work, Locus periucundus, he was honored by the municipality of Timișoara. His published collections are: Locus periucundus (Ed. Marineasa, 1994), Ca un vagabond într-o flanelă roşie (Ed. Marineasa, 1996), Eu însumi (Ed. Cartea Românească, 2009) and Dragă poezie (Ed. Brumar, 2014).
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