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such     switches

switch after

such afters

such is the     nature of

such itch
such niches
such fuss
such touch


such switches


his blue eyes by the door

you knew your way you took no sounds

any fool would have asked your name

as if thinking blackens our path

i left i am sure i am not like myself i am away i seem to want
special glues to prevent layers from coming apart

whistling whittling the rough edges
the grooves spin sing song strong

of course off course on course coarse bread
i leave off but he wasn’t my priority

laughing made hard beautiful
this strange assumption
how under world under ware under cut underling
lounging longing loiter
the dither slither silver lipstick
we cloister clichés
plum reason from poems written in four languages
coiled in corner two linen music sheets erased

sulky second

drawn on green construction paper
night might slip away
magical middle

never apparent to the senses
nor obvious to intelligence
the sacrament’s ultimate
awe of being here
without fat
relative coiled in corner

faint shadow

short hairs unevenly cut published life.
turn of page. silhouette without a nose or mouth

someone else’s cotton rag paper

how long we have
how many people
develop from each other

who believes we evolve?

what happen to all the discard



stripes are needed to succeed

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