Advice for Aspiring Lovers

Do not wax sentimental on the first “good night”.
Never mind confessing how you feel.
Fight, fight the urge and keep it light.

Laughter is the weapon of the truly bright
and wit is sharper than the sharpest steel.
Do not wax sentimental on the first good night.

Say adios to pretty speeches and take flight.
Mystery in the beginning will let you reveal
things gradually. Just keep it light.

Too soon, too soon time will ripen and be right
for declarations. Meanwhile reel in the zeal.
Do not wax sentimental. Just sit tight.

Whoever makes the first move will be slight-
ly disadvantaged but brave. He’ll
need to fight the urge to sit and write

sentimental letters about the first good night.
Early disclosure spoils suspense. Piecemeal
is the way the mystery writer delights.
Fight, fight the urge to make the gift outright.

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