Process Notes for Concrete Poems

I attempt a visual representation of how my daughter and I interrelate. I choose pronouns as the unit of my expressions, a circle as their container. I cut blocks of pronouns into various shapes and jigsaw them together. I want the assembly of words to please my eye and to make sense. I trust the two things are connected.

She rises up into me. I am background, sky. She moves up and down in my space. We drift on a distant horizon. The image attracts, but I can’t feel it. I keep going. I draw my self into the poem. As I show(s) up on the page, everything changes. She becomes her. The relationship of subject to object inverts. How does I relate to her? Suddenly, self and other demand separate forms. I make her a frame and put my self inside it. How can I move within the fixed parameters of her? I reposition I at an angle.

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