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I Was Here

  1. Beverley Kort on

    Hi Mariah – just checked out your site. Really enjoyed your story and thinking about your premise of just – I was here – and how universal that is. Also I used to love those label guns!

  2. Sally on

    I love the mini tour of petroglyphs, and how you used them to move the story forward. As a kid I used butcher paper to put quotes on my bedroom walls. Thanks for reminding me of that and my own label gun!

  3. Liz on

    “A birth canal where the deceased could be reborn” . . . this felt iconic, deep, and feminine in ways I just love and rarely hear people talk about (and then, only in my favorite books). Going deep into rock, how incredible! Brava, Mariah. I’m in and can’t wait to hear and see more.

  4. Brenda Light Bredemeier on

    This storytelling, accented with humorous and thoughtful observations, is a meditation for me. So beautifully written!

  5. Ken Bingham on

    My God, this blew me away. What a thoughtful, joyous, contemplative way to start the day. This shall remain in my thoughts for a long time to come. Thank you, Mairah.

  6. Lynn M Von Sien on

    What a wonderful meditation on the desire to “make a mark on the landscape.” I feel invited to connect with people who lived thousands of years ago! I love the personal affection for the label maker, making the ordinary sacred. A story beautifully told.

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