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Lumpy, an American Sonnet


Since the Bible never says Adam & Eve ate an apple,
why must we be so specific? I would enjoy a love scene
in which a finger traces down someone’s George’s Guava,
Ava’s Avocado, Leandra’s Lime, even. An apple

doesn’t have a convincing lump to make for a good
knot in the neck. Not like the apricot, which has over 13%
of the daily value needed of Vitamin A, a key nutrient in
vocal health. Both man & woman have a prominentia

laryngea, more pronounced in men, more cartilage
than Catholic, but we’ve all taken a ride across the bump of belief.
Sometimes laziness is convenient & knowledge is a sword.
My mother taught me that women don’t have Adam’s Apples.

I don’t know if that’s because she was taught the wrong thing
or if she didn’t want anything about a man to own her.




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