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Mad Libs I


My body is an entire ____________________ wrangled into a jar.
[body of water]

If I could only find its opening, I swear I would spill everywhere,
drown entire libraries in the wake of all my wet.

My legs are a history of ________________________.
[something a fish does]

They ______________________ed through seven upstream wars
[something a fish does]

to get here. Run is my middle name.
My Korean name is _____________________________.
[verb of struggle]

It means my family history is a library of war.
It means my family tree is a ________________________ vine
[word to describe a lover’s body]

galloping toward the canopy. Or my family tree
is a city of fungus ________________________ing beneath the soil.
[verb of struggle]

Or it is _______________________ exploding above the canopy
[element from the periodic table]

on high holy days. I swear I would spill everywhere.
My body is a history of ___________________ wrangled into a/the ___________________.
[verb of struggle]   [body of water]

So much more than ______________________.
[lover’s body]

So much more than wet. Beneath the soil,
my heart is _____________________ing  quietly,
[something a fish does]

a _________________________ kicking in its sleep.
[four-legged beast]

On the days that I lose track of my body,
when I find it too often in the mouths of kaleidoscope-eyed strangers,
I press my ear to the ground, and hear my  _____________________ heart whisper:
[four-legged beast]

“________________________________________________” x3
[something you want to say to yourself]



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