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panAFRICA Project Part Two


For the past few years I have been photographing the continent of Africa country by country. We are using the “universal language” of photography to illustrate contemporary Africa. Western media has for hundreds of years intentionally only told the story of poverty, pestilence & conict with negative images of children with ies on their faces, AK47s, sickness & disease. Whereas the culture, traditions & economies have leapfrogged over much of the world & there is so much progress in agriculture, technology, health care & education that never gets shown in our textbooks, newspapers or social media.

By making long term documentation of all aspects of all 54 countries, the mission of my photography is to change that narrative. It is an overwhelmingly ambitious undertaking. But from the very beginning it was intended to grow & become more ambitious, experienced & better informed as we progress. By design I seek local experts & proactive gures to inform us about the unique qualities, talents & features of each country.

After delving into the culture, tradition, resources & talents of each country, my studio disseminates the pictures through educational curriculums, articles, lectures & gallery exhibits to a broader audience. Social media has been a major source to show each trip & to allow a larger audience to gain access to the amazing places we have been.

In addition to my commercial photography my studio has been doing the research & raising monies to continue revealing the largely ignored parts of Africa. Each trip opens new doors & makes the project more complicated but there is so much material that it may take a lifetime.

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