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Poem on Madonna’s 50th Birthday

here is August soaked with reminder
that the world is material that changes

there’s a flag at half mast
for someone who didn’t even make the papers

the rainy season comes upon us
like it was the tropics like the

flutters and hums on Bleecker
were south beach waves and breezes

the flutters and hums on Bleecker
that becomes a material that changes

Paparazzi armies lay siege to the ineffable
dumpy men made of rain

make glimmer solid in a flashbulb
and Elvis Presley 31 years dead

waits with us to reinsert mystery
into the material substance of our lives

says with us we ache we ache we ache
comes to love us

as we come to love ourselves
by waiting upon those

we desire to both want and be
until memory strikes a pose

and crosses over the borderline
of our love.



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