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Prologue from The Sheridan Memoirs

  1. Mariah Burton Nelson on

    “When did I stop believing in telephone pole spirits?” Good question! This is such a powerful piece! I love the drawings, the quiet pacing, the inquisitive voice, the confident little girl with scabs and bandaids on her knees, the quiet inner knowing, and the questions adoptees must ask themselves. If this is the prologue, I can’t wait for the rest of this story.


    Absolutely wonderful…ah, the sound of a mourning dove takes me straight to my youth. Thanks for the memory jog, and for your gift of storytelling and oh-so-spot on artwork. (The roller skate sounds! Excellent!)

  3. Jeanne on

    Beautifully told story capturing your innocence as a child and your journey to return “home.”

  4. Linda Andreozzi on

    This swept me away. I too have been an outdoor cat. This glows and resonates in my own heart. I want more.

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