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Safe Word: Citizen

we tremble through the metal detector – Go ahead! Go ahead! Go ahead! Go ahead! Go ahead! bouncing off polished stone named after dead presidents, shoes & wallets & black plastic tubs, histories scanned for threat down the conveyor belt, Vietnamese woman shakes so hard her legs won’t work, we go ahead with our bodies in thick accents and our Sunday best, us, waiting room numbers  rehearsing  our  life,  speaking  in  mother  tongues,  Brazilian  girl  asking  for translator pulls on the hem of her flowered dress to hide a run in her stocking, Nigerian man twitching sideways glances, pen hovering a standardized form in search for a box to hold his crying eye color, black and bloodshot, we grip hands, tremble in limbo, our heads afraid to rise for  each-other,  renounce,  abjure  and  re-pledge  our  allegiance  as  we  bare  our  teeth  for  the camera. Yes, go ahead with your country inside my country, the luggage waiting to be claimed, passport-sized wallet photos, alien numbers and action notices pressed to the chest in unstamped love  letters.  Put my hand on your bible, is this how you want it?  Call me your sweetheart, your good girl, your new side bitch and bend me over your knee

until I kiss the ground.



  1. Mark Helm on

    Very powerful, Andreea. Terrific imagery and a killer ending.

  2. Mickey on

    Wow, Thank you, Andreea, for your keen eye on the fragile. Mickey

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