Lee Hope

Spring 2011 EDITOR’S NOTE

Special Editor’s Note: Announcing our 2011 SOLSTICE CONTEST WINNERS! (Also, we will be announcing in the next two weeks, “Solstice Editors’ Picks” –Special contest entries that will be given recognition and publication. So, if you are not among the Sol Contest finalists, stay tuned….)

AWARD WINNERS: Winners and finalists to be published in our Summer AWARDS ISSUE, due out in early August:

FICTION: (Finalists selected by Lee Hope, winners selected by DAVID HUDDLE.) WINNER, with a cash prize of $1,000, is THOMAS BENZ for his innovative story “Casual Imposter.”

RUNNER-UP is WESLEY BROWN for “Too Young Young for the Blues,” a gifted story about Ella Fitzgerald and Harlem.

FINALISTS: Rochelle Spencer, (Fiction) ‘Ugly Girls”; Tracy Strauss (Nonfiction) “The Wreck”; E. J. Anderson (Fiction) “Untitled Portrait (Brother and Sister, 2009)”

POETRY: (Finalists selected by Sol poetry editor John Pijewski, final judge A. VAN JORDAN.) WINNER with a cash prize of $500 is ANDREW NURKIN for his terrific poem “I Have.”

Runner-up is KATHERINE DURHAM OLDMIXON for her moving poem “Historias en Hilo.”

Congrats to all who submitted–many many fine pieces and very stiff competition! And please stay tuned for our new “EDITORS’ PICKS.”

Meanwhile, read the the Solstice Lit Mag Spring Issue. In fiction, David Huddle’s story of erotic attraction, Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt’s piece about erotic love. Marko Fong’s ironic tale of a little Chinese/American boy. Chris Helvey’s story of a middle-aged man’s search for himself. A big poetry issue, featuring Leslie Ullman. Richard Hoffman, and many more fine poets. In nonfiction, read Arya-Francesca Jenkins’ essay about her Colombian/American identity. And Laurie Stone’s about gender identity. And Rick Wile’s about spiritual and class identity. View David Weinberg’s photographs depicting the identities of the homeless. This issue explores identity . Please do write comments after reading. The authors and readers love to hear from you.

Lee Hope, editor-in-chief


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