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Storage Body Triptych


To erect a greenhouse on a perennial farm:

1, 2, 3 group push of metal arches up to
heirloom sun dipping underneath each metal line
along the other side     rays peppering the eye

we mourn spring

eternal cycle: fingertips sweat along hot metal
each ladder step             a tinny hymn, echoing edict
of screw gun whirls, raise each arch with shadow of elbow

there is a hanging fern blowing in summer storm wind,
slight creaking from metal hooks rusting at curved heads

I witness my breath                 take it



Laddertop-fields of hibiscus pots, purple sage, mountain
pinks growing yellow and split straddle each aisle
between the legs

vibernum and narcissi shimmer obsidian

slight blueberry hunger           on the tongue

a vision: the Adriatic Lily       larger than man
burgundy with blushed triangles of blue

it is the ocean on my skin

when did I become the moon in an orrery?

circling & circling, earth below me then
away,       dodging sun

the drill misses bit hole blinding glint of shining metal
dotted with the drip of my forehead

laugh of a child phantom ovum splitting
enflamed leap, I witness the earth catch me.




Antonio’s hands holding
the lower dome
of my skull, a glass bowl

pulsing head, knock
of heartbeat. faces circle
and block tub of sky,
a sun rooting.

a drink of water.

a diadem of bandana.

my body as small storage,
my skin as no vacancy.

what does the land think of me?

no sound, the fields of cover crop
overtaken by cinquefoil, gifts of rain

farm oracle: I can build neither

a house of metal          nor a human.

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