Lee Hope

Summer 2013 Editor’s Note

Our 2013 Summer Awards Issue, one of our strongest publications, with winners and finalists from Africa to Australia, is dedicated to the memory of Kurt Brown, Solstice literary magazine’s distinguished poetry editor.  Kurt is author of many books of poetry and nonfiction, and he also edited anthologies to promote the work of other writers.  Our associate poetry editor, Ben Berman, spoke of Kurt’s generosity and dedication to fostering poetic excellence.  In the cover photograph, we see extended to us, out of the ethereal watery light, a spiritual offering of peace.

In Kurt’s honor, we announce The Kurt Brown Memorial Fellowship, $500 award to help a writer in any genre to attend the Solstice MFA low-residency Program, with which we have a sisterly connection although Solstice magazine is an independent nonprofit.  Details for this award will be announced in a few weeks.

CONTEST WINNERS AND FINALISTS:  We are especially pleased to announce our POETRY PRIZE WINNERS, selected by Kurt Brown and Ben Berman.  Lynne Knight was awarded the $500 Stephen Dunn Prize in Poetry for “Smoke.” First Runner-up:  Wendy Mnookin for “Taffeta. Lipstick. Stockings,” and “Questions, 1969.”  Second Runner-up:  Marc Tretin for “Unopened Whiskey and Wine.”

Our Fiction Prize of $1,000 was awarded to Danielle Monroe, “Salsaholico.”  First Runner-up:  Elizabeth Gonzalez, “0=1.” Second Runner-up:  Karima Grant, “The Education of Aicha.” Finalists:  Thomas Benz, “House Crawl,” and Girija Tropp “Real Women.”  Editors’ Pick: Blair Fross, “The Road Kill Retrieval Kit.”  Featured story:  Sean Conway, “Knuckle Sandwich.”

Our Nonfiction Prize of $500, donated by Michael Steinbergwith final judge Randall Kenan, was awarded to Amy Nolan, “The Whirlpool.”  First Runner-up:  Emily Hipchen,“Gator Bites.”  Second Runner-up:  J.L. Schneider for “Hold Me Say You Will.”  Editors’ Picks:  Tracy Strauss, “Absolution,” and Penny Guisinger, “Provincetown.”

We offer special thanks to our managing editor, Susan Cassidy, for professionally proofing this issue, and to our readers Mike Miner and Michelle Cacho-Negrete for working with the various editors to select contest finalists.

We were deeply impressed with the especially high quality of contest submissions and truly wish we had the space to publish more.  Please read this issue, and you will marvel with us at the talent that exists.  Also, please click the Subscribe button and join our ever-growing, diverse community. Respectfully, Lee Hope

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