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Sun Spots

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Most photographers use natural light to create their work, at least to some extent.  But few artists turn their cameras to create portraits of the sun itself.

When I’m out on a hike with my camera, what compels me to photograph a composition is balance – an interplay of contrasts, shapes, textures, and tones.  A sense of balance that keeps the viewer’s eye squarely within the frame of the finished piece.  There is no intellectual angst or emotional turmoil that drives my art, or my need to create it.  I just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, and recording it in an artful and creative way brings me great pleasure.



  1. Ram S Nalandula on

    spotless and shining
    sparkle in white
    Majestic merger of
    every color, but black
    trailing to shadow
    everywhere,but charleston!

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