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after the execution of Orlando Hall 11/19/2020


Day has come
a man is murdered by our country, it is
federally done.

Gone and somehow they didn’t
print the last meal in recent
issue of The Sun.

From my soul I need to know if he was
full, if the bison was smothered
in Land-O-Lakes,

from a local slaughterhouse. Is this killing urgent?
And the world doesn’t need a public
gathering, hills

from here to Terre Haute were open for everyone to
watch the lethal injection. His last words made me
look at the sky.

All his words made me
think: Is he still the man he died as?
I can say well,

safely, so many see him as all those decades ago.  That man
like the rest

all of death row condemned to their
final goodnight.



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