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The Red Canoe

Translated from the German by Stuart Friebert


She climbed into her red canoe without a paddle
on a road heavy as lead, without water

apples in her pack, absent a future, postcards
in gaping shoes, dead holiday greetings

yesterday, superseded, freezes, in the faces
behind the blinds, the dark’s falling guillotines

in the last crack, red mirrored, lost things
flaring explosives on the lines of the ambush



Ute von Funcke, who wrote plays for children before turning to poetry in 2004, has published three collections of poems, most recently “frau auf der flucht” (scaneg Verlag/Munich). Two earlier collections appeared from Deutsche Nationalbibliothek/poesia vol. 1&2. A fourth collection is now in progress.


Stuart Friebert’s recent books include DECANTING: Selected & New Poems (Lost Horse); FIRST & LAST WORDS: Stories & Memoir Pieces (Pinyon Publishing); VOTIVES: Selected Poems of Kuno Raeber (Lost Horse); SCANT HOURS: Selected Poems of Elisabeth Schmeidel (Pinyon Publishing); and an essay, “Lost in Translation,” in a recent Antioch Quarterly

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