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“the secret is that the world loves you” waltz

-after Kelli Russell Agodon

in early morning’s quiet
 rays murmur through the window
warm lines on my thighs

 my skin so in love with heat
I’d kiss the sun if I could
 how can we hold what we can’t grasp?

at night in the valley
 winter’s silence is shunned
shadows rustle last year’s leaves

 an owl keeps asking who
the cold snaps its teeth
 I’ve swallowed so much dirt

I know the taste of endings
 when the tongue is tender, it will bleed
there’s a secret language with peace

 lilies, leaves wilt like weeping
a need to drink the light
 cocktail of radiation

I found a puzzle of seasons
 unblemished wings
it took three days to assemble

 & thirty nine years
to piece together the world
 into questions I could not answer

now I’m trying to tear it apart
 put it back in the closet
sometimes we want it to storm

 sound is never loud enough
we want to hear clouds crash
 like symbols in a symphony

like the rage of a sea knocking at the door
 waves invisible
shaking arms of trees

 it’s almost like this world
is flooded with confessions
 that we’re never ready to believe




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