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Wheat 2009-2014

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Artist Statement

I have been photographing the wheat fields in the southeastern corner of Washington for almost twenty years. It is my longest running project and forms a foundation for work made over my career. I was schooled in the discipline of photography initially formed in the Bauhaus in Germany before WW II.  The wheat fields of the Palouse appeal to me because of the landscape’s minimal and reductive form while serving a clear function to use this land to make much of this nation’s wheat.

For questions about this or any other works of mine please refer to my website at: www.nealrantoul.com.

My photography is represented by 555 Gallery in Boston. Wheat, photographs by Neal Rantoul was published in 2012 and is available through the gallery.


  1. Michael on

    Hi, Neal: This is a wonderfully rich photograph series. Are you a pilot? I live in Nebraska and these pics remind me a bit of the Sand Hills.

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