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Where the Ocean Ends

I don’t know how I feel about so many masters
painting me that stupid blue and calm

as if I were not all salt          fish shit and whale scum
Doldrums Lunar collaborations Tradewinds

and crosscurrents     In your language when you say
titanic    colossal       to grasp my vastness

so do you measure my indifference
to slaughter     What

you really mean to say is deadly         Haven’t you
heard me lower my voice

to lull the sentries and charm the kingmakers
and widows          Even in the Beginning

when it was just me and the bird and the sky
I didn’t sing just one dumb note               Poets

love to chart those darling maps of me
with their petty thirst          gazing from the coastline

counting the seashells          each pink blip         simple
and shining in the sand like a multitude of scars

If all my admirers could tell the difference
between righteousness and ruin

they’d do well to bear witness         to the saved
how they shut their ears and eyes

when their cousins drown    Those little gasps
and sweet orgasmic   murmurs

          Oh there’s evidence But who of you has the time
or courage to look     Go ahead and try

Catalog the millions of miles corroded and crystalline
I’m not a God or a mother I’m a goddamned thief

No one knows my real name           I’m so deep
you’ll spend generations trying to find the bones




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