(cited in BAE 2015, 2016, 2020, 2022); PUSHCART poetry finalist

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Available on Amazon for Free on November 5thebook2014_2The Message is a potent view of Afghanistan soldier Adam Zane’s internal unraveling. Returning home, Zane struggles to blend back into society and reconcile his mounting PTSD symptoms. He divides his time between shooting hoops at the local basketball court and camouflaging the self-loathing that now occupies his inner landscape. If Zane can find the real trigger of his mounting anxiety . . . If his mother can stay clean . . . If the ifs would stand at ease long enough for him to see what it means to be a man, Zane might find reprieve from the rapidly expanding emptiness. The Message is a pin-pulled grenade clutched in the hands of readers. 
SLM-EugenioVolpe2Boston native Eugenio Volpe is a PEN Discovery Award winner and Pushcart nominee. He teaches creative writing at Arizona State University’s Piper Studio. His short stories have appeared in publications such as SalamanderNew York TyrantPost RoadSolstice Literary Magazine, and dozens more.


Available on Amazon for Free on November 5thebook2014Casey Flanagan left a wintry New England car accident as a limp child in her father’s arms, but she’s never really escaped the trauma.  As she fights with clenched fists and Tai Kwan Do to find her way to happiness, her world keeps shifting. Does she need her father to protect her from a grizzled ice skating coach with a taste for perfection and vodka? Maybe Casey needs something else other than protection.   This book is a 2014 Global eBook Award Winner. 
MikeMinorMike Miner lives and writes in Connecticut. He is the author of Prodigal Sons (Full Dark City Press) and The Immortal Game (Gutter Books). His stories can be found in the anthologies, Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT and Pulp Ink 2 as well as in places like All Due Respect, Burnt Bridge, Narrative, PANK, Solstice and others.


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Coming to Amazon This November SadgirlsSad Girls by Margaret Elysia GarciaSad Girls & Other Stories explores the world of chicanas, their families, and their friends, as they come of age near Freeway 605 in a dystopian Los Angeles. 


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