After Life in Two Parts

in purgatory there are only beds         with blue sheets
no, the walls are white                        the bathroom floors, red tile, water    slick.
in purgatory. you are watching.          close your eyes.
there is nothing you can do.                there is always something you can do.
no the walls are white,                        the bathroom floors red. tile water
 everything moving in              singular rhythm.                      counting.
 you.         do                                                something.           do.
you. are bent over, laying down.        the ceiling                                 darkening.

everything moving in singular rhythm. counting. there is
a person above you, two, five                               there is
bending over there is laying down.    the ceiling                               darkening. there is
no one coming back for you               there is no one coming back. you aren’t, either. Here —
there is                                                no one coming back for you.
someone just finishing.                       someone just starting.

it is always morning                           it is always night here,
in purgatory    there are only beds      with blue sheets & the moon,
someone is just finishing,                   someone is starting
in purgatory.                                       no.                   there is no one coming back.

there is nothing you can do.



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