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Calm is Your Color

Waganakising, Land of the Crooked Tree.
Calm is your color.

Chartreuse kernels
perch atop blades of Little Bluestem, they pirouette.

Ancestors sing out with color soaked hymns;
paint my heart with sadness, yet calm.

Spotted Fawn explores
the pristine waters of Wycamp Creek

bearin witness to the memory
of ebony cloaked strangers,

white around the throat,
arriving to tame the “savage”.

Calm as far as the eye can see,
Calm as far as the heart can reach.

Eagle lifts pipe smoke prayers
upon umber tipped wings.

Healing scent of Giizhik, Cedar,
calms the mind.

Calm Mother, White Pine,
verdant boughs lovingly reach out towards Hemlock tips.

Drum, heartbeat of Bear and Birch,
performing newly forbidden ceremonies.

Snow white Grandmother Owl.
Spirit of place.

Crimson fires of disruption,
calmed by April showers.

Prussian blue, Sturgeon Bay in September.
Calm is your color.


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