Crow Hop Elegy

Sing into   the thunder drum
 crow hopping   from one foot to
 The other, and             hops will follow
 My chants and dancing           as I invoke
 Crow’s wings with my arms
 Extended in the falling snow,
 hovering into the darkness,
 my spine vibrating to              the sound
 of my voice, until leaves become
 buried   under this   frozen terrain,

 the few times you were           sober making
 amends to be better to yourself,
 the neglected curse, left in that

 two-bedroom   white house

 in her light oak cradle board,
 the child with your Pomo face and her
 father’s light skin, until the universe brought
 you home to me          in ashes to sprinkle
 back       over      dampened     earth,


 The sun cradling tea
 colored plumes.


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