Lee Hope

Fiction Editor’s Note

What a terrific lineup in this Spring issue in fiction and what a range of styles! An arresting short story told from a child’s point of view by Abby Frucht, author of six novels; a short short piece by Sonya Larson (how does she manage to fit so much into a few pages?); short shorts by Ben Berman, our former poetry co-editor, probe into connections; a striking piece by Dariel Suarez, depicts the personal and political struggle of a young Cuban during the days of Fidel Castro; a novel excerpt by Eric May tells of an African American couple in Chicago and their marital and economic troubles; and an inventive story by the young, emerging author Cal Setar reveals a dysfunctional relationship.

These stories illustrate diversity of class, race, nationality, age and also writing style.

Deep thanks to these deeply talented authors.  Please check out their bios under contributors, and please share their fine stories with friends.

Also, I’d like to thank our terrific fiction readers: Mary Beth Pope, Brenda Prescott, and Jennifer Gentile for their ongoing dedication to the fine writers who submit to Solstice!

Warmly, Lee Hope

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