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hunting season: boys

everyone wants                        a virgin to hunt
a field              to watch           for wings or hind legs
something exotic                     something everyone aches for
velvet meat

see the savage beast                 a haunting twitch of his brown eye
sullen               his teased sway                        he’s asking for it
jeans gathered at his pelvic chin
& white t-shirt  a wrinkled sky
a blanket of salt                       feathered moss

the chase

boy stands
hunter watches          fingers folly on the trigger
the air is a cemetery
boy sees hunter            wilts
hunter is a grinning slaughterhouse
boy slightly moves
hunter shoots
boy is loose skin          hunter above
hunter is “stop resisting”
boy is loose skin
hunter is “i said stop resisting”
boy is loose & tires himself out
hunter is aggressive
the air is a eulogy
hunter is the only thing moving
hunter is moving boy
boy is subtle breath

& everyone hates moss
but everyone loves the sound of breaking glass

shatter boy                   less angel more marrow
use that blackened skin                                    those watermelon lips
bend spine                   see that torso    bridge
make the hunt worthy             bawl                rut
give a show                 butchered thing


everyone loves a dead boy                              fallen in an open field
red mouth        a slit     limbs slung over greenery       bloodied bed
eyes dripping away                him in jeans     & white t-shirt

cracked open               a coffin
dried meat
teeth swallowed                       an animal
gunned down               look where the smoke lingers
from the porous flesh   peeled              stomach flushed





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