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& it’s hiding in plain sight


soundtrack: feat. phatkat, j dilla

make it spare stark & simple. make this mark, not too clean make it crack static & pop the sound
equivalent  of  rough.  feel  every  bump.  texture  this  landscape  you  map  it  i  ride surface glide
each moment. it’s all action. you built this up. make it move something like bloodstream  circulate
wind  i  know  your  driving  destination  beyond  my  horizon.  the wheels revolve each turn a
return a ground in dirt. the wheels revolve kick up dust in your wake off where i can’t see & i trust
you lead i follow. you open up planes through dreams where  borders  reveal  themselves  in  the
spaces  between  them.  belong  to  no  one  & everyone, living  &  dead. beyond  articulation i
still speak to  you. the  sheer  organza  of it shimmering iridescent duo-tone purple-pink of it. &
home becomes anything or anywhere that will meet me. find me here face me. home a stutter.
home a crunch. home say it with your  movement.  home  a  flow.  home  every  layer  of  sound
that  cradles  &  thrusts  this momentum makes me want to fight for it. makes me want to fight.
i will fight. there’s no stillness only this here.

  1. Roksana on

    Beautiful and soothing.
    Congratulations Tina. Love you

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