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Jewelry depends on the body



Disgrace is not random                                                                       but magnified


Diapers are for babies                                                                        and grown-ups


A baffled mind                                                                         is indicative of love


Apologies are often                                                                screaming







I was afraid. Because I was afraid. all because I was afraid.





Pie eating contests                                                                  are not only for fat people


Destiny                                                                                                cannot be paved


Jewelry                                                                                               depends on the body




Near a dumpster                                                                     is nowhere to be kissed


Parking lots                                                                              are for bullies


Stolen coins                                                                            cause unwanted memories


Integrity                                                                                   sometimes appears as blasphemy









Broken star dreams clutter the banks of any river wailing


What doesn’t make sense                                                       is normal


Industry                                                                                   falls from duty


Messages                                                                               are not usually important


Tropical islands                                                                                   do not guarantee tranquility




Parody                                                                                     clashes with testimony


Panic                                                                                       is always popular

Sabotage                                                                                 should never cause coronaries



A name on the paper is                                                                       different from identity


Matrimony should be saved                                                    for other countries


Wrong answers are not only                                                  for idiots


Candy                                                                                      is not worth the surgery




Mistakes                                                                                  can often be messy


Authority                                                                                 is always temporary


Don’t ever question                                                                 the Han Dynasty





Seemingly pointless entries                                                    are revelatory


Not understanding                                                                   is not to blame


Recklessness should not be confused with                          carelessness


Paradise                                                                                  can be subdued





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