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Sunny quaalude dream:

How she never panics, never then outsources her duties to others, never needs someone to save her, does it all by herself, is the strong, immediate one, never wavers, never falters, is fancy and abundant, is admired, worshipped, makes easily decisions, cares about the sky, gives love unconditionally, expects no disaster, owns her own land, is a child prodigy, is a child rich with dreams, carries enlightened ones, carries those lighter, carries those heavier even,


Sunny fabricated disguise:

I will pretend. Rosewood, sandalwood, your diamond ring doesn’t bother me; California is not all scattered across my soul; there are no trails of women; there are blessings in disguise; there is proper breathing; money is not relevant; church is helpful; a mental institution is no juncture; a refrigerator could still be called an ice-box; there is chocolate pudding for me; there are no internal assassins; promises will be kept, lost love is an illusion; it’s okay if I can’t touch you,



Sunny urinalysis dream:

Parties are not test scores; C is for Control; there is a way to settle down; music is not tantrums; the desire for guidance is pure; anyone can wear a hat; C is for Clothesline; that same way you leave me hanging,


Sunny articulate fool:

Pride could be demanded; shirtsleeves wouldn’t dangle; a baby usually helps people stop crying; new pennies are especially pleasant to look at; since platitudes are not something you are interested in, we will have to rely on the trail of blood to determine where we left off last week; though I would prefer hearing you lie,



Sunny disengaged wanderer:

I kept praying that it would last forever—this séance; since gifts make you extremely uncomfortable I left the cake on the floor but brought the candles anyway; I still didn’t listen; there was never a kiss to be laundered; pretend like you are actually shaking some sense into me; I won’t sleep for days; or wake up not remembering a thing,




Sunny paradoxical narration:

It is imperative to explain the context; I did not quit. I was given up on; my heart was already broken…

your heart was already there…




Sunny forgone rapture:

Check your dictionary; don’t bury yourself in the burning; all this talk about hearts is pathetic; we know that’s not how it goes. You shouldn’t punish me for this realization; you should look around instead. Find the vicinity where people go to be adored; land there,



Sunny misguided companion:

There never was a whereabouts; prayers failed to eliminate the tension; you were chosen for this role specifically by someone other than god who knows not to veer off the silk road into unknown enemy territory. No polite nomad will come to your rescue here inside this buttered pan; it is time to start practicing your breathing; don’t expect the red sea to be parted anytime soon,



Sunny mismanaged quandary:

You began to come towards me but stopped short to listen to a boy playing the mandolin. The truckloads of gathered beauty are but a mirage. Stay with my night and manage my panic; a secluded duty downpouring upon our little tent; when the lights went out I will miss hearing you scream,



Sunny predicted upsweep:

Give me your hand, let loose the divisive bridesmaids that cordon you off from me at the altar; there is never enough pleasure during restraint. Gain your ground and bury me alive in affection. The kind that comes with a guarantee,




Sunny arbitrary camouflage:

I never expected you to whisper; I thought it would have been over miles ago




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