Lee Hope

Note from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Valued Readers,

We are immersed in a split, fragmented time. As we receive vaccines and emerge from our burrows into the spring air, we see mass shootings, AAPI racism, systemic racism and voter suppression. Yet we will continue to protest, in writing and action, against oppression and in support of diverse people and causes.

In that spirit, Solstice Magazine continues to move forward. We are so pleased to announce again, Brenda Prescott as Co-Editor-in-Chief, beginning in April.  Please check out her new novel Home Front Lines at https://brendaprescott.com.

Also, we are thrilled to present two new major editors: Anjali Mitter Duva as Fiction Co-Editor.  (Please see Anjali’s and my Editors’ Notes in Fiction for details.) And Oliver de la Paz as Guest Poetry Editor.  He is author of five collections of poetry. Please see his Poetry Editor’s note. 

This Spring Issue represents our values in all our genres, including our new addition, Graphic Lit.  Delve into this wide array of multicultural, multiracial, gender-and-class-conscious writing, and also into our photography.  Click on the cover image to access the series “One Week’s Dead,” images from the Vietnam war, by the distinguished Vietnamese American artist Binh Danh.  And please read our Interviews, including “Black Men Speaking about Survival in the Arts,” with the photographer Lou Jones and quilter Michael Thorpe, on the cover of our Winter Print Issue.

We also congratulate Rosann Tung, a Solstice nonfiction reader, on her piece “In ‘Minari,’ I Saw my Family. But Hollywood Has Made Asian Americans Outsiders, Once Again.” In Cognoscenti on WBUR radio this month.

Also, special news: SOLSTICE: A Magazine of Diverse Voices (The Best American Essays 2018, Best of Net) announces ANNUAL LIT CONTEST: $1,000 Fiction Prize, judge: TBA. $500 Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize, judge: Tim Seibles. $500 Michael Steinberg Nonfiction Prize, judge: David Mura. Submit: April 5-May 25!  Solsticelitmag.org/contest/

And many thanks yet again to our loyal, ongoing staff editors: Robbie Gamble, Richard Hoffman, Jill Johnson, Barbara Siegel Carlson, Ewa Chrusciel, and Andrai Whitted; also to Dzvinia Orlowsky, and to Managing Editor Amanda Todisco, and our intern Deidra Dallas, and to all our staff and readers!

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Lee Hope


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